European language translation 

Translation, into and out of, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian

As modern European linguists, it is only natural that Rising Sun is able to provide translations into English and out of English for the regular languages such as German, Spanish, French and Italian as well as our standard oriental product range. All work is undertaken by ITI qualified translators and checked for greater accuracy as any individual translators can make mistakes, even on a good day. Clients can take advantage of our skills and expertise in post-editing machine translation and translation memory to obtain low cost translations of patents and research papers etc., whilst knowing that the quality will not be compromised.

A key point is that we only use Members or Fellows of the UK based Institute of Translators and Interpreting (ITI) to undertake our initial translations prior to checking. The ITI is the de-facto professional body for translators in the UK. 

Our other selling points to Clients are our specific focus on the Chemical and Medical arena, and an almost unstoppable urge to check and check again.

More specifically, while big players in the translation world successfully dominate the field; because of their very size, they have lost the ability to provide  personal service, an inability to respond appropriately in times of emergency, and a lack of understanding. Often the big players will use, very experienced translators, but the footsoldiers in the back office doing the checking will be young and inexperienced. Translators are human, and as a result, even the very best, have off days, have rows with their spouses, sell their houses, receive nuisance telephone calls,  and have misbehaving children. All this will have a direct effect on an individual’s ability to provide good work. Rising Sun feels that both the checkers and the translators are important for a good product.

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