Japanese Patent Super-mats

Rising Sun Super-MATS (High Quality Post-Edited Machine Translations)
Rising Sun Super-MAT translations, which by the way are internally checked, are of nigh-on human standard translation quality. As a result of an in-house program of continual and on-going translation software development, which has now been in progress for over fifteen years, Rising Sun is continuing  its sales and supply of these Super-MATS to Patent Attorneys. These Super-MATS are supplied not only for Japanese unexamined and examined specifications, but also for Japanese language PCT applications and Priority Documents.

Brief Background

The Rising Sun Translation Software was originally developed to machine the Claims and Examples sections of Japanese patents. These are the areas where it has always produced outstanding results, but as time has progressed we have managed to produce the same excellent quality for an ever increasingly larger proportion of patent texts. In the Super-MAT Post-Editing Step, human intellectual endeavour bridges the gap between what Rising Sun's computer programming can achieve and the needs for example of a Patent Agent.

The standard of our Post-Edited Machine Translation Products have greatly increased over the years, and now in general terms are often not readily distinguishable from a human translation. The main differences from human translations being the lower levels of checking and quality assurance, hence the much lower costs.

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