Korean patent & article translation

Following a process of careful research, preparation, testing and evaluation, as of August 2012, Rising Sun can claim to have developed a sophisticated, intelligent method for the machine translation of Korean to English which provides a good starting point for our qualified translators to produce excellent quality Korean to English translations at low cost. The raw machine product produced by our system, in accordance with our experience, is vastly superior to that produced by our competitors or rival software.

 The translation products available to clients are, in order of increasing quality, Post-Edited Machine Translation, Draft Translation and Best Service Translation. 

For Korean, translations are available in the areas in which Korean industry is particularly prominent such as electronics, circuit board manufacture etc. in addition to our standard areas of chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and medical translation.

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Interesting fact…..did  you know that while Japan is known as the 

“Land of the Rising Sun”….

Korea is known as the 

“Land of the Morning Calm” ?

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