Approach to Japanese Translation

The Experience Leading to the Quality

Rising Sun concentrates the cumulative effects of over 60 years of Japanese to English technical translation experience on the translation of Japanese chemical, biochemical, medical, pharmaceutical and biomedical texts, and more particularly on the translation of Japanese language patents, research papers, adverse reaction reports, SOPs, study protocols, case reports,  etc. etc.. All Best Service Translations are reviewed and checked by an ITI Qualified Translator with 25 years of translation experience. There is no subcontracting into an Indian or Chinese downwards spiral where the client loses control of confidentiality.

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Japanese Translation Team

The Japanese translation team of four ranges from a chemistry graduate with 7 years patent experience at a leading patent information provider and 25 years of Japanese translation work, to a biochemistry graduate with an MSc. in Protein Crystallography.

Budget Sensitive Product Range

Rising Sun provides a range of translation products of varying costs designed to try and meet the particular quality/budget requirements a client has for any job or project.

A More Human Approach to Translation

In addition to high quality human translations and edited machine translations, the in-house nature of Rising Sun's operations means that Client scientists and patent specialists can resolve issues by talking directly on the phone to (bio)chemical translators. Our (bio)chemical translators not only understand the source text but also the parameters of the science involved, be it splicing DNA or simply which salt will be precipitated out during a reaction and why.

Best Service Translations

Best Service Translations, with the aim of guaranteeing the highest quality of work required for example for pharmaceutical regulatory purposes, are translations checked by others in addition to the original translator, and then checked again by the translator him or herself.  In Best Service Translations, the quality in content is complemented by a substantial effort being made to ensure that the correct terminology is used in all cases, and that for example the resulting translation is in good patentese in patent translations.

The Science Behind the Full Service Translations

It is commonly accepted that the best technical translations are those that introduce nothing and also leave nothing out. However, while staying within these boundaries, Rising Sun takes this best practice to its limits and carefully prepares translations so as to reproduce all the ideas, concepts and (bio)chemical, medical and scientific understanding present in the original and so reflect the true intentions of the authors. When scientific papers or patents are first written, the assumption is made that only people having a similar science background and familiar with the art will read these texts, and therefore there is frequently much unsaid which is thought to be obvious to the reader. However, it is only a translator with a knowledge of these unwritten concepts and the science involved, who can supply such missing information in his own mind and accurately translate such texts into English.

Super-MATS (Post-Edited & Checked Machine Translations)

Rising Sun Super-MAT translations, which by the way are internally checked, are of nigh-on human standard translation quality. As a result of an in-house program of continual and on-going translation software development, which has now been in progress for twelve years, Rising Sun is now supplying superior quality Super-MATS to Patent Attorneys (and others). These Super-MATS are supplied not only for Japanese unexamined and examined specifications, but also for Japanese language PCT applications (Click here for examples and more details). 

Draft Translations - The Best Option for Low Cost Information Retrieval 

Where quality is not so important and budgetary requirements insist, our Draft Translations offer a way of obtaining information from a Japanese language document at lower cost. The lower price can be achieved because much less work is done checking content and grammar and researching terminology. However, they do provide a cost-effective solution in many cases.

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