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Rising Sun - The corporate analgesic removing the angst and providing long term relief for your Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation problems, and a solution to those European language aches and pains

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Rising Sun - Incorporating dedication to good service since founding in 1991 through to 2017 and beyond…...

Rising Sun has been meeting the high demands on quality placed by German Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies since 1995. Many of our German speaking buyers are fully bilingual, but we have introduced German sections in our site just to help those not 100% comfortable with non-scientific English. 

Und für unsere deutschsprachigen Kunden

Und für unsere deutschsprachigen KundenEs ist gemeinhin bekannt, was Übersetzungsbüros überall in der Welt von sich behaupten: Zuverlässigkeit, Genauigkeit, Schnelligkeit, Preisgünstigkeit. Nun, das tun wir auch.  Als möglicher Kunde wollen Sie jedoch eigentlich wissen: Worin unterscheiden wir uns von den anderen? Warum sollte man uns und nicht unsere Konkurrenz beauftragen? 

Rising Sun ist spezialisiert auf die Übersetzung von (bio)chemischen Patentschriften und Artikeln sowie von klinischen Arzneimittelstudien wie auch Arzneimittel-Feldstudien und Anwendungsbeobachtungen aus dem Japanischen, Chinesischen und Koreanischen. Andere Firmen sagen, sie bewältigen alle Sprachen und Themenbereiche – wir aber wissen, wie groß die Welt ist; wir wissen, was wir können und was nicht, ...und was wir machen, ...machen wir gut. 

Auch tun wir etwas, was andere Übersetzungsfirmen entweder nicht tun oder nicht können – wenn doch, dann nicht halb so gut wie wir. Wir liefern überprüfte und überarbeitete englische Versionen von maschinenunterstützten Übersetzungen. Rising Sun Super-MATs sind Maschinenübersetzungen, die wir in gutes Englisch umgeschrieben und auf Genauigkeit überprüft haben. Wir prüfen die Sinnhaftigkeit der Aussage, wir prüfen die Korrektheit aller Namen von Chemikalien und Pharmazeutika. Selbstverständlich werden zusätzlich auch alle Zahlen überprüft.

Unsere Dienstleistung ist umfassend für die Sprachen und Sachgebiete, die wir bearbeiten, d.h. wir liefern Grob- und Bestübersetzungen von Fachartikeln, Berichten von Nebenwirkungen und die Dokumentationen von klinischen Erprobungen ebenso wie von Patentschriften.

Wenn Sie schon bis hier gelesen haben, dann klicken Sie doch einfach hier und mailen uns knapp Ihre Übersetzungserfordernisse.

If you work in the following arenas: Pharmacovigilance, Patents / Corporate Intellectual Property, Scientific Information, Toxicology, Clinical Safety, Research, Translation Departments or Research Libraries: more  specifically anywere a Japanese, Chinese, Korean or European chemical, life science or medical translation is required; then Rising Sun are the people to contact. 

Payment for our services can be either made directly, or your company could arrange payment via our existing accounts with CounselLink and Ariba...

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We are one of the few UK companies able to provide good quality same day translations for small sized Chinese and Japanese texts.

Rising Sun launched their Japanese translation service back in 1991. This was followed in 2007 by the provision of Chinese translations, in 2012 by Korean and in 2013 by  European translations. The translation service covers in terms of medicine and pharmaceuticals, the translation of Adverse Reaction Reports, Case Report Forms, SOPs, Drug Studies etc., as well as all kinds of patent related work, including patent applications themselves, and also Notices of Reasons for Rejection, Objections etc.. In the chemical field, the translation service covers patents, research papers, Material Safety Data Sheets etc.. We also have considerable veterinary translation experience including documents relating to pesticide residues etc..

Where appropriate, Rising Sun have always introduced the latest technology in the translation process. Whilst always maintaining the traditional emphasis on accuracy, we apply not only machine translation, but also the latest translation memory and OCR software techniques to speed up the translation operation. An ITI qualified translator reviews all translations before despatch.


Our focus is in our own scientific areas of competence in the translation of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and the main European languages. While others say they can do all languages and work in all areas of translation, we know how big the world is, we know what we can do and what we can't, ....and what we do... we do well. International Corporations have become suspicious and wary of using large translation agencies for the far eastern niche market because of the inevitable subcontracting chains involved, and appreciate the personal, accurate and confidential service that Rising Sun provides.

We do offer a more personal service, so if an individual we have worked for before or who works for a well recognised company wants to place an urgent order with us, they can do so by a simple email or even by verbal agreement, and we can start on the job straight away. If that individual has to raise a Purchase Order No., then that can be sent later. For us, like our Clients, our word is our bond.

Moreover, we only translate documents in the medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical (eg. bioengineering and agrochemical) and chemical fields.

We offer a telephone consultancy service allowing a quick resolution to some translation issues, either before starting or after completion of a translation. The client can talk direct to a translator who speaks and understands science and does not have to work through an intermediary.

In the vast majority of cases, all translation work is handled by our salaried team translators (note: not freelance translators), and there is no possibility that your work will end up in a subcontracting spiral with an unregulated third world solution. Only very occasionally, will work be subcontracted out, and then only to fully qualified members of the Institute of Translating and Interpreting here in the UK.

Even for our Best Service Translations, our turnaround can be very, very fast; our high tech facilities allowing us to produce translations much quicker than competitors.

email: +44 (0)20 30580224 Rising Sun Communications Ltd., 40 Bowling Green Lane London EC1R 0NE ENGLAND UK :Reg  No. 1332778